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Am I eligible to teach in China?

With a rising demand for educators, now is the perfect time to seize your dream job in the world’s second-largest economy. From native speaker criteria to age limits and accredited qualifications, we’re here to help you navigate the essential requirements for an enriching teaching experience. Ready to delve deeper? Find out if you meet the requirements for teaching in China and discover if you are eligible today.

Salaries & Extra Perks

Unlock the world of ESL teaching in China, where monthly salaries range from a whopping USD 1,500 to USD 4,000. But to unlock your full earning potential, you must first maximise your earnings. The key lies in four crucial factors: the teaching job type, school reputation, city choice, and your experience/qualifications. Discover the Salaries and Extra perks that are available for ESL teachers in China (and how to get them).

Types of Teaching Positions in China

Explore diverse job types available to you in China – from high-paying Kindergarten roles with light workloads to rewarding but demanding International School positions. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of Public School, the unique experience of University teaching, and the flexibility of Training Centers. Discover more about each teaching path to make an informed career move and embark on an exciting new adventure.