Our Training Center provides an in-depth and comprehensive training program that prepares you to step into the classroom with the knowledge and practice necessary to make your lessons great.
We prepare you to efficiently handle all aspects of the classroom environment, from the moment you take a look at that day’s lesson, to the moment you wave goodbye to your students as they exit the classroom. Together, we’ll learn about childhood development, how to motivate them, effectively and successfully implementing PPP, activity design, classroom management, and discipline.

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  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Listing Expiry Date


  • Start Date

  • Contract Length

    12 months

  • Position

    ESL Teacher

  • Student Level

    Elementary, Middle & High School Public Schools

  • Monthly Salary

    20,000-25,000 RMB

  • Number of Vacancies


COVID-19 & China border updates

Borders in China reopened to foreigners in Summer 2020. However, with increased COVID-19 cases in Mainland China, the number of visas issued has decreased and schools are having great difficulty hiring outside of China. There are only a very limited number of schools who can obtain a PU letter and get a work visa. Contact us to see if you are applicable.

If you are already in China, your start date could be as soon as a few weeks. Salaries for teachers inside China are highly competitive so contact us for the best-paid teaching jobs in China.

If you are outside of China, your earliest start will around Summer 2021, however much will depend on the constant evolving situation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.