This true International provides a truly global education to expatriate children aged 2 – 18. With more than 20 years of history, it is recognised as one of the top international schools in Beijing.


Our School 

  • Embraces and utilizes highly effective and innovative pedagogy that suits the current generation
  • Has significant depth, breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding of their specific disciplines
  • Inspires students and staff to learn and achieve more
  • Generates positive professional relationships with all members of the community
  • Can work in a highly collaborative and multi-cultural learning and organisational culture which values a team approach when planning and delivering curriculum
  • Uses dialogue more than monologue and ensures differentiation in learning tasks
  • Has both the skills and disposition to implement a wide range of technology into their practice
  • Provides formative and summative feedback to students that is timely, well-targeted and constructive
  • Can operate successfully in a bilingual teaching environment in which important Chinese and Western cultural characteristics are understood and respected.


Overall Description

As a school, we are trying to achieve high standards by responding professionally, sensitively and caringly to the needs of all our pupils. All teachers must demonstrate a standard of knowledge, understanding and skills of the curriculum taught in the school. All teachers must be able to promote the social, emotional, physical, creative, spiritual, and academic growth of our students. All teachers must demonstrate an understanding of the wider curriculum and administration needs of the Foundation.


Post-holder Qualifications, Experience

  • At least two years of post-qualification experience
  • Relevant teaching role in other international schools
  • A bachelor or above degree is required
  • PGCE or QTS, Teaching License


Post-holder Qualifications, Experience

  • Annual income package: 360,000-620,000RMB/year Benefits
  • Housing allowance/ School apartment,
  • Airfare benefit
  • Relocation allowance
  • PD allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Children tuition etc.


  • Location

    Beijing, China

  • Listing Expiry Date


  • Start Date

  • Position

    Certified Teacher

COVID-19 & China border updates

Borders in China reopened to foreigners in Summer 2020. However, with increased COVID-19 cases in Mainland China, the number of visas issued has decreased and schools are having great difficulty hiring outside of China. There are only a very limited number of schools who can obtain a PU letter and get a work visa. Contact us to see if you are applicable.

If you are already in China, your start date could be as soon as a few weeks. Salaries for teachers inside China are highly competitive so contact us for the best-paid teaching jobs in China.

If you are outside of China, your earliest start will around Summer 2021, however much will depend on the constant evolving situation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.