About the Job Vacancy

We are looking for teachers who want to teach in the public-school system in Taizhou. We offer about 18 teaching hours every week depending on the school you are placed and what subjects you are teaching. We accept all non-native speaking countries and some non-native speaking teachers whose major is Music, Painting, Physical Education and so on. We prefer teachers with at least 2 years teaching experience, but we will consider teachers with no experience. We want teachers who will be kind and considerate to not only their students but also to the Chinese peers. We will help with you getting settled to China and we make your transition of teaching in China, as seamless as possible.


  • Location

    Taizhou, China

  • Listing Expiry Date


  • Start Date

  • Contract Length

    10-12 months

  • Position

    ESL Teacher

  • Student Level

    Elementary, Middle & High School Public Schools

  • Monthly Salary

    (1) RMB 8,000-19,000 for kindergarten/primary school/middle school/ high school/ college/ university oral English teachers (2) RMB 6,000-18,000 for teachers of elective courses like music, dance, painting, football, computer

  • Number of Vacancies


COVID-19 & China border updates

Schools across China reopened in June and are now holding interviews for teachers for December 2020 to June 2021 start dates. We are in contact with more and more schools that can obtain PU letters (invitation letters) for teachers, needed to apply for a work visa. If you are already in China, your start date could be as soon as within a few weeks. If you are outside of China, taking into account the interview process and visa application process, your earliest start date could be around March 2021. China has begun easing border restrictions and issuing work visas for some teachers outside China