Travel options – The ultimate perk of teaching English in Chengdu

The best Chengdu highlights

The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Centres attracts untold tourists every year and is by far the city’s most adored highlight. Because pandas! Yet unbeknownst to many, Chengdu actually boasts three more panda centres (Woolong, Dujingyan and Bifengxia) so your panda-marathon can seriously last for months on end. Museums, temples and shrines make for fantastic sightseeing in the city and, the moment you make new friends in town, organise a cultural night at the Sichuan Opera, it’ll be well worth your while.


It would take you years to explore every corner of Chengdu and given that every suburb is unique and enticing in its own way, jumping on the Metro and getting off at a random stop is also a very rewarding (and popular) thing to do on a day off

Out and about from Chengdu

Getting out of Chengdu is very easy as the city has a tremendous transport connection. The most popular day-trip destination is the giant Buddha of Lesihan, housed in a park brimming with beautiful temples. Head to Emei Shan National Park to ride the cable-car to the spectacular viewing platform and Qingchen Mountains (the reputed birthplace of Taoism) for superlative hiking. Whatever you do, set aside a few off days to explore the many ancient towns scattered around Chengdu. There are literally a dozen traditional, quaint, enchanting villages nearby, something for which the Sichuan province is renowned.

Popular weekends away from Chengdu

Once you’ve settled in and find yourself with a free long weekend, your options for exploring this wonderful province are plentiful. Head to the UNESCO-listed Jiu Zhai Gou (Nine Village Valley) on the Tibetan Plateau, easily one of China’s most magnificent destinations, where a handful of traditional Tibetan villages dot the arresting landscape of snow-capped peaks and endless horizons. You’ll need three days at the very least to explore the Tibetan Plateau as distances are extensive and scenery incredible.

Chengdu is considered the ‘last horizon’ of modern and developed China, which means this province, and anywhere west of here, is ideal for adventurous trips in search of authentic experiences. Chengdu is a fantastic place from which to visit Tibet, Bhutan and Myanmar and, given its stellar southern location, ideal for longer jaunts through Southeast Asia.

For travels closer to home, hone in on Shu’nan Bamboo Forest, one of the filming locations for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and a place that’s as ethereal in real life as it was on the big screen. The forest is about 300km southeast of the city, so make a weekend of it and stay in a traditional guesthouse along the way.

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