Travel options – The ultimate perk of teaching English in Shanghai

It’s fair to say that if you only wanted to teach English to Chinese people, you’d be setting up virtual classes via Skype. But nope, you want to be in Shanghai and we bet we know why: the priceless cultural and travel experience is set to change your life!

The best Shanghai highlights

We may be biased here but we think Shanghai is one of the most photogenic cities in China, the juxtaposition of its neck-twisting modern skyscrapers, art deco buildings and traditional temples making the whole city an architecture lover’s absolute wet dream. There’s SO much to see and do here – world-class galleries and museums are a great start, especially the Shanghai Museum which will give you a wonderful intro into the city’s cultural evolution. You’ll surely want to take a stroll on The Bund – the lovely promenade along the Huangpujiang River – pop into the Jade Buddha Temple, soak up the views from the top of the Oriental Peral Tower, max out your credit card along Nanjing Road (do watch your bag here, please, pickpockets abound) and, along the way, we promise you’ll discover the other 101 amazing points of interest in the city.

Out and about from Shanghai

You’ll never run out of things to see and do in Shanghai, that’s for sure, but you will desire a break after a while and, luckily, your day-trip options from the city are numerous. Many people love to head to the West Lake in Hangzhou on their day off, a haven of tranquillity that rates as one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the whole country. You’ll also want to check out the picturesque Venice of the Orient, as Suzhou is affectionately known, and the sublime coolness of Mount Mogashan, where hiking trails will see you discover bamboo forests and endless rolling valleys covered in tea plantations. All these special spots are within an hour (or 2.5 in the case of Mogashan) outside of the city centre, yet add another hour and your day-trip options will literally be near-endless.

Popular weekends away from Shanghai

Take advantage of the many holiday weekends in China and the wonderful summer vacation months, and Shanghai’s unrivalled connections, and you’ll find all of Asia at your fingertips. Japan is a very popular option with our many EFL teachers, the contrasting historical and culinary attributes tickling the fancy of culture vultures. Thailand is inarguably the most popular beach-bumming choice and Laos takes the fancy of those who want culture and tropics yet with fewer fellow tourists in tow. The way we see it, however, China itself has much to offer new recruits, every province offering a startling and unique experience, so why not take advantage and get to know your new home country? The Yunnan Province with its delightful historic towns is an absolute must (Dali and Lijiang are unmissable) as well as the breathtaking Jade Mountains and astounding Tiger Leaping Gorge. The Tibetan Plateau, with its glistening pagodas and eye-watering peaks, is a whole other world unto itself and one of the absolute must-sees when in China.

With Tesol certification, the right education requirements and a reputable consulting agent who’s got your back (not forgetting an adventurous spirit) you’ll no doubt find teaching English in Shanghai to be a fantastic life experience. Career opportunities abound for the intrepid ESL teacher so if you love having your mind blown away by a fantastic city that offers so much…welcome to Shanghai!