The teaching jobs types in China

China’s education system is varied. The specific type of school you wish to work in will have its own unique teaching method, curriculum, and teaching workload. All of these aspects will determine your own, personal, teaching experience.

Every teaching job type in China has its own pros and cons. Some require you to work long hours and partake in extra-curricular activities. Others only require you to teach evenings and weekends. And others offer a Mon-Fri, 9-5 type routine. Of course, some teaching job types traditionally pay higher salaries than others.

The teaching job type you choose will determine many aspects of your life in China, so choose wisely

Does every job have its pros and cons? You bet! Here’s a general overview of teaching job types in China and the yin and yang that sets them apart:

Teaching English in China

Kindergarten Teaching jobs

Kindergarten jobs are among the highest-paid teaching positions of all. They offer fantastic working conditions and a much lighter teaching workload.

The caveat is that you should have an inherent desire to work and spend a lot of time with children. If you do, you will love Chinese kindergartens. Not only are the kids here insanely endearing, but the work is fun, engaging, playful and essentially easy. 

You will have plenty of time off and will only teach one morning and one afternoon session, Monday to Friday, with a long and leisurely lunch break during the day

As long as you truly love working with children, this is an absolute dream job in China.

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Public school teaching jobs

On the opposite end of the pay-scale, public school jobs are some of the lowest-paid teaching jobs in China. On the flip side, they’re a fantastic option if you’re a newly qualified ESL teacher and just want to get some experience.

You won’t bring home a tremendous amount of money. BUT you will also enjoy a light workload, Mon-Fri schedule and still benefit from a lovely lifestyle given living costs in China are comparatively low.

Teaching in a public school will sharpen your skills, with their larger-than-usual class sizes. Yet expectation won’t be sky-high and you won’t find the job to be too demanding at all, so it really is perfect for newbie teachers. Public school jobs, in general, are fabulous springboards for more lucrative teaching jobs.

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International schools Jobs

Like kindergartens, international school jobs pay the highest teaching salaries in China. The jobs are immensely demanding, however, and that’s why prominent schools employ only the most qualified and experienced teachers

Hard to get and impossible to give up, international school jobs are a massive career boost for ESL teachers. They can literally open the doors of the world for you. Yes, you will earn the big bucks but you will also have to work your toosh off for your pay-packet every month. 

Have experience working in an international school or with a particular international curriculum? You’re in the best position of all! 

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University school jobs

Chinese university students are like a breath of fresh air. Students here are a far cry from the timid, seemingly uncommunicative kids you meet in middle school.

At uni, students are curious and open-minded – teaching at a university in China is a unique experience indeed. University jobs are rated among the most rewarding in China, even though the pay is not excellent. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t deter teachers seeking an alternative teaching life here. As a university professor in China, you will enjoy a fantastic standing in your community and will be revered by students and parents alike. 

You will teach just a few hours a week yet may have to show up for the odd recruitment day here and there. Yes, you will be the biggest enticement! 

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Training centres teaching jobs 

Training centres are the epitome ‘yin and yang’ of teaching job types in China. In many ways, they can be the most restrictive, as you will be teaching in the evenings and on weekends. They will, however, pay well and, when all is said and done, you will probably work fewer hours than in any other teaching job type

On the upside. You get every day off until about 4pm and can negotiate two consecutive days off during the week, creating your own weekend. You can travel, explore, sightsee and take on other tasks. The ideal job for those who loathe the 9-5 routine and prefer to have their days free, private teaching institution jobs can be outstandingly rewarding. 

The pandemic has caused havoc in China’s training centre world. Many were forced to close down, especially in major cities. Training centre jobs are now more easily found in smaller cities – which are still enormous by Western standards. The few left standing are now officially known as ‘talent centres’, but English teaching is still very popular among them.

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Online teaching jobs

If you couldn’t grasp the concept of ‘remote learning and teaching’ prior to 2020, we’re sure you do now.  You can teach English online to Chinese students from the comfort, convenience and safety of your own country, or wherever you happened to be.

China is considered the best for online English teaching because demand is at an all-time high. The undersupply of teachers and face-to-face lessons in China has led to parents turning to online learning. If moving to China is not feasible for you right now, this is a great chance to get some experience teaching Chinese students from the comfort of your own home.

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