Who we are

ChinaByTeaching is the brainchild of a group of expat teachers living and working in China, who first arrived with an abundance of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn everything there was to know about teaching in this enigmatic country.

Nowadays, we’re in the fortunate position of being able to offer guidance and support to those who wish to follow our path, one that wasn’t all that easy to navigate, initially. Our collective journeys may not have been plain-sailing, that’s for sure, yet our impetus to start this consulting business was borne out of those same challenges we once thought insurmountable. We identified a gap in the service, a real need for a reliable and trustworthy agency that could link TEFL teachers with the most reputable and trustworthy schools and teaching institutions in China.

So here we are today: teaching, advising and guiding fresh recruits on this really unforgettable journey to a brand-new life and teaching experience in China. We all feel immensely privileged to be here even though many of us had a less-than-desirable start.

The Chinese multi-billion-Yuan English-teaching industry boasts plenty of unscrupulous people – working both in agencies and directly in schools – people who take advantage of inexperienced new arrivals, even docking their wages without due cause. The way we see it, the best way to prevent problems and being taken advantage of, is to work with the right people, right from the start.

As the need for ESL teachers in China continues to grow at a fast rate, and given the accompanying rise in interest by foreign teachers in discovering this fascinating country, we believe the need for an honest and transparent connection between the two worlds is more crucial now than ever before.

Our ChinaByTeaching team lives and breathes China, every single day. We are all based in Beijing, we’ve all been through the rigmarole of the (seriously painful) visa process, of negotiating teaching contracts and of navigating the at-times overwhelming but always rewarding expat life in China.

We believe we are in the unique position of offering you the very best guidance out there: we know the ins and outs of the ESL teaching scene, the tricks of the trade (both good and bad) and can answer the questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask.

Contact us today and trust us to guide you safely…all the way to China.