China By Teaching is platform that teachers can use to not only find jobs with suitable schools, it also allows teachers to access content about living and working in China.

Are you interested in writing and getting published with China By Teaching? If the answer is yes, then we could love to hear from you. We welcome a wide range of ideas and topics and indeed any information that will help teachers make the transition to living and working in China all the more easy.

China By Teaching is new a new platform, however since our launch in 2019, we have experienced substantial growth in Traffic with a worldwide appeal. The topics do not exclusively have to be about China (although it helps).

What We’re looking for

First and foremost, we are looking for original content. We do not accept any content that has been published before. Look at our previous topics for some ideas and check the writing style. We like to keep things casual, and truthfulness is at the forefront of what we do.

Length and topic are important. We only publish blog articles that are over 1000 words. Our average is 1,400 words but we are more than happy to take articles that are longer. We are also happy to take images that go with the articles as long as the images are for small web use. If you have infographics or videos, that’s a bonus. All articles should be well thought out and engaging.

So in summary, we are looking for

  • Articles of at least 1000 words in length
  • Casual and easy-going tone
  • A topic that readers will find engaging. The topic should be related to China or teaching or a combination of both.
  • Original content and something that has been published before.
  • No more than three external links in the article. We provide DoFollow links.
  • Author Bio with headshot
  • Please short articles with bullet points and listen when possible,

How to Submit

Email us your article to [email protected]. Use the email subject ‘Guest Article.’ We will review your article, provide feedback, and prescribe changes if they needed.